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Top 3 Reasons YouTube TV is Better than Hulu Live

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OnBoarded at Last: into the Live TV Stream-O-Sphere

I am happy to report that I have just ditched my satellite service and signed up for Live TV streaming. I realize I am not exactly ahead of the curve on this, but just in case you still have cable or satellite and feel like you are paying too much, here’s one way you can break free and enter the Stream-O-Sphere.

DirecTV: $136/month
YoutubeTV: $40/month
Telling DirecTV to take a hike: Priceless

I didn’t know if I was tech savvy enough to switch from satellite to streaming, but I did know I was fed up with the cost! After a recent fruitless call to DirecTV to see if I could work out some kind of reduction in my bill (I couldn’t), I knew it was finally time dive into the stream.

Did you see the ads for Youtube TV during the last Super Bowl? I went to the website (after the game was over, of course!) and signed up for the free trial.

Television Combatibility Questions?

If your Television set, like mine, is a few years old and not automatically compatible with YouTubeTV, a basic Roku will get those two talking. As long as your TV has an HDMI port, you can use a Roku. The basic Roku model is about $30 and the Roku hook up is simple. You just need to have your smartphone or computer handy so you can activate your Roku online and connect it to your devices.

You can skip this step if you already have a TV with the Roku technology built in. (Good for you!) Of course you might have paid a ton of money for a huge, fancy Ultra 4k TV, but if you are just setting up in a small room, you can snag a 32″ 1080p Roku TV for under $200!

After you activate your Roku, you can move on to YouTube TV. Come prepared with a Gmail account, keep your smart phone or computer handy to activate your free trial and follow the onscreen prompts.

Top 3 Reasons YouTube TV is a Better Choice than Hulu Live

We can’t step into the same river twice, but it’s never too late to enter the Stream.